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How's it looking?
More/less/same amount than last year?

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Probably about the same, Steff. Patty indicated that she has about 200 registrations.

Rob's 2014 wins
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As we approach the final weeks...
Patty is busy getting some of the last minute registrations in. As always, many have work schedules and family to deal with which makes it hard to commit early to attending. We are now experiencing the last minute registration bursts which are more than welcome. We will continue to take registrations until October 15th, at which time we have to close registration due to the necessity of turning in numbers and printing nametags, preparation of Welcome Packs and the rest of the regular chores we need to do in getting ready for this convention.

As I am on only this year in an advisement position and running the couple of items (Herhsey Bonanza and Mail in raffles) I, too, am really excited to see what is in store for us this year.

I do know that we are right around the same total as last year, and although I don't know the exact amount of donations received or promised to date, Rob tells me that there are a lot coming or already donated!!!

As you remember, it was a really nice sized crowd last year with awesome prizes and many, many multiple winners. Newbies: you don't win once per weekend, you have chances to win at each and every segment and in different capacities all weekend. Don't even worry about it, just be sure you leave room in your car and suitcases to put your new stash!!

Money will be needed for the vendor room, sold there are all kinds of sweepstakes supplies like envelopes, postcards, tools, lucky items. Let your own budget be your guide. Most of the vendors there will be selling chances on yes "more raffles" from their booth to help cover the costs of the table rental, cost of transporting the merchandise for sale, etc. So be sure to bring money for that too.

I will be in hiding most of the rest of this month in preparation for the trip, but will be available for any important questions that come up. If you do have any questions please, please post them to our webstite over at Hershey Mini Convention so that all can be privy to the answers. One question might be the same question of twenty, so to ease up on our load, answering once does help.
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Registration still open until the 15th!!
I got a couple of emails yesterday with folks thinking the registration period is closed.
Registration will close on the 15th of October and we can still register more even if we go over the limit we set a little.

There are hotels right across the highway where you can register and just drive the minute or two over the overpass to the hotel where the convention will be taking place.

The only thing that you wouldn't be able to participate in at this point is the Mail-in raffles which is just a tiny portion of the prizes that will be given out over the entire weekend.

Please let me or Patty Nolan know right away if you are putting your check in the mail!! We will be meeting with the hotel staff this week to start putting the final touches on things.

Come and yell your heart out and have a hootin time with us.
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