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Smile Post Office Historic Mural Stamps
These new USPS postage stamps feature Post Office lobby; government-commissioned artworks from the 1930ís and 1940ís. During this era, President Franklin D. Rooseveltís administration commissioned artwork in Post Offices across the nation to provide jobs to artists and illustrate the history and culture of local communities across America.


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Thumbs up
Love it THX

Was that the WPA ?

We had a magnificent full sized wall mural w/I was little

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Hubby works in a former post office that still has intact murals. None as lovely as the ones depicted on these new stamps.
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Those are wonderful.

Jeff, I love how you keep us apprised of the latest stamps.

....duknuk's chicks are here!
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Thanks Jeff.
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Our PO downtown had an awesome mural. Then 20 or so years ago some genius city planner decided our town would be developing southward. Wrong, the most dense development is east. Moved the PO and the DMV clear out to kingdom come, practically outside the city limits. Turned that PO building into a complex for federal agency offices. I don't know if they kept the mural, never been in there since.

I had forgotten about that mural until i saw those stamps
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