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I've rededicated myself to sweeping and had a bunch of wins in a row. So I thought I'd start listing if only to acknowledge all the great people who came through with the prizes.


Quentin Tarantino Box Set of Movies from MovieSet.com - RECEIVED

Billy Idol Concert DVD from - Manolith - sorry to say, never got and no responses to emails.

Red Arme (MMA fighter) t-shirt from Sojones.com - RECEIVED - Very Nice.

Book Calendar from First Book - RECEIVED (hoping this will push me to write!)

Marketing Consultation from Crystal at http://www.timesaversvirtualsolutions.com/ - done - good person if you need social marketing help.

Basket of local market goodies from Rochellebilow.com - received yummy fresh marshmellows and chocolate granola. Delish!


Vintage style T-shirt from GRITFX.com - received - very nice

$25 Amazon GC from Just Travelin' Through blog - received.

Book Shattered from http://www.loveromancepassion.com

Kindle Dx from Brighter Planet!!!

Book - Pretend All Your Life from Good Reads - received fast!

Book - ??? grr...have to look this one up...


I also gave things this year. Did you win one of my prizes?

White Collar Prize Pack from TV of the Absurd

Yo Gabba Gabba Tickets - MothersClick

Caprica DVD - SFUniverse

Glade Basket - MothersClick

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