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after a long dry spell, and I do mean lonnnnnnnnnggg !!
I have won

$50.00 macy's gift card
x Box
$450 dollar camera
Riding helment
lots of candy bars
wine glases
$ 5.00 gift card
$200.00 Visa gift card

All this in just the past month, so guys keep trying, it does get better !!!!!!

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your wins
congratulations!!!! I am off to a good start this year too won a 50 dollar gift card 4 kindle books 2 books autographed 1 dvd and 1 can of barkeepers friend and a thing for my i phone good week also
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That is both freaking awesome AND motivating too! What a fantastic list of prizes!!! I'd oooh and ahhh more, but after reading your post, I've got SWEEPS to enter!
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Good for you.
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