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Forgot how to post a winner's thread
It's been quite awhile since I posted a winner's thread and yesterday I won the Sodexo Share a Coke instant win.

So I posted that I had won, I was the only post on that sweep and now my post disappeared.

I have looked for answers to how to post a winner's thread and cannot for the life of me find it.

Any help is appreciated.


Crumpet & Cali DIP missing you
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I just saw this. You probably know, but that sweep was Premium so your thread is in Premium Winners Circle. What you did was post it in Winners Lists which is for sponsor lists not OLS lists. You could have just posted it in the main Premium Winners Circle and found it easier. I moved it back into the main Premium Winners Circle forum and out of the Winners List subforum there. Better late than never.

If you click on your name and choose Find more posts that is a good way to find things.
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