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Applying for a position in the medical field but
I can't even seem to get an interview. I really just want my foot in the door as a receptionist, data entry, check in/out etc However everyone wants SOME SORT of medical experience. I'm planning to ask my chiropractor if she would let me sit along with her receptionist, non-paid, to at least get SOME [ever so slight] experience in something medical. I also thought of trying to find some free online classes for beginners medical terms or coding etc.

Does anyone else have any more ideas for me?

Much appreciated!

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Don't give up.

Try health insurance company careers.
You can get entry level positions there.
They will train you.

I have spent my entire career in this field and love it.
You can begin now a days in customer service, then move on to other departments. Claims or eligibility or many other choices. I worked my way up to management.

I began at Connecticut General which is now Cigna.
I have taken calls and processed claims. While paying medical claims you learn the codes used on billing. If you want then you can take classes for billing and coding.

There are a lot of opportunities for claims adjusters whether it be medical, dental, disability, RX, vision, Life Insurance, disability, workman's comp even Auto and Home. I always see ads where I live for entry level into the insurance companies.

Good Luck to you.

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A class in medical terminology would help a lot.

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You could try a temp agency.
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A temp agency would be a great thing.
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