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SCAMMERS on Home Page.
Here's a nice incentive for Brent to do something about all the scammers' posts on the Home Page.

How about this? ... if a new "member" wants to post something within the first 90 days, they should have to pay to become a Premium member.

You're welcome.

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i agree
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That's a GREAT idea Dot!
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Sure, why not?

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I agree that something needs to be done about this. its absolutely ridiculous and out of control, and i imagine is way too time consuming for the mods! Great suggestion. Hopefully someone in charge takes note. i think we are ALL tired of it already!
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We have asked him to work on limiting the spam posts. One idea was limiting posts in the first 30 days since most spammers are just here to post quickly and leave.

The best thing to do is PM Brent any ideas you have as he does not read the forum threads. He is the only one that can make those kinds of changes.

I know it is annoying seeing all that spam. I cleaned up the forums.
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