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I would love to see it in NH, but HOT-lanta is in my home state. Ya'll sure you can handle all them rednecks? "We could load up the double wide and bring the whole family."

Disclaimer, this post is not intened to be profane, mean-spirited, inebriated *hiccup*, no lonely smilies, off topic, grammared correctly, etc. I am not wearing panties so they can't get bunched up, but do not mean to offend any member of society who is for or against panties.

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I'd love to see a Portland, OR or Seattle, WA convention!
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I'd love to see one up in Seattle too!! My son lives there and I could make it a long vacation. Any clubs up there though???

For those of you who have an organized club and don't mind trying to run a convention, definately ask Steve d'Adolph for his booklet/manual. I had planned most of our mini convention before I knew about it and then asked him for one. It has every question you can possibly think of covered.

As far as how many to run a convention. You need one or two really organized people who can work together from inception to take care of the money and registration. Then add in a group of about 6 to take care of side trips, activity planning and then at the actual convention for a group of around 600 you need people available to take care of handing out the registrations, collecting and organizing the prizes, taking care of the raffles that will be handed in, etc. I think a group of 12-16 should be able to handle it and then there are always others that are willing to help out.

Others that have run one can also provide you with information. I only ran a mini convention of a little over 200, so I am available to answer some questions but have never attempted a group as large as the latest nationals.

As said in an earlier posting there is a planning session on one of the first nights where they can answer questions and you can see who all is interested in hosting. I think anyone who is thinking of hosting one should at least attend one national and one of these planning meetings to see how things play out. Just my opinion. They both proved extremely valuable in pulling off the Hershey convention.
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