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Convention Update from Dan & Mark

I just wanted you to know what is happening behind the scenes....

We had approx. 250 people register between the time the Convention was announced in Salt Lake City till December 1st. The last four weeks we have received so many more registrations!!! This is going to be one HUGE Sweepstakes Convention you will NOT WANT TO MISS!!!

Once you register - We put everyone into an excel spreadsheet - double checking the payments have been received via PayPal, Credit Card or check and triple checking things are done correctly. http://www.spf25orlando.com/Contact_Us.html

As soon as everyone is in the database you will be receiving an email from spf25orlando@gmail.com - This is going to welcome you and tell you some exciting things coming to the convention. I would look for that e-mail in mid January!

If you have an issue, problem, comment etc - we do have a live person watching all the transactions happen via Paypal, On-line Registration and Contact us form on the website - Please fell free to contact the committee and we will respond as fast as we can.

Remember - December 31st is the last day to register before the Price increases!!!!


Mark Roland & Dan Yeakel
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