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Just started using roboform (after all these years!). I certainly am very happy with it. However, wondering if there is some hidden downside I don't know about. I know we get it free for awhile. Does anyone know how much it will cost to keep? Just seems that this is too good to be true??? Has anyone using it noticed an increase in wins? Sorry if all this has been discussed in the past. I just didn't understand how Roboform worked. Thanks for the help.
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You can keep it indefinitely free, however you only get 30 passcards. I gotta tell ya it is a great investment for sweepers, well worth the price. I kept the 30 passcards until i realized just how much I can use them. I fix them for each of my dailies and then Bam one click and I'm entered. I am hooked on roboform and passcards. I use about 175-200 passcards daily.
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