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Please Consider Supporting These Sponsors and Vendors of the Sweepstakes Convention
The following is a list of sponsors and vendors of the 2008 National Sweepstakes Convention: Lone Star Stampede. Please take a few minutes to check them out and consider what they have to offer. These are truly some of the most knowledgeable, experienced, interesting and honorable people and businesses that you'll ever come across in the sweepstaking and contesting industry. Most of them do not make much of a profit, if any, yet they generously continue to support the sweepstakes convention year after year.

Be sure to check back often as I will be adding many more sponsors and vendors to the list. Please send me a PM if you have any corrections or suggestions.



This N' That Sweepstakes Stuff Newsletter - Carol McLaughlin

CARAN52 on OLS, Carol's newsletter doesn't contain sweepstakes, but a whole lot of winning stories, tips, giveaways, and just plain fun. She describes it as "a huge remote sweeps club without leaving your house!" Carol has been sweeping seriously for more than 30 years and is one of those rare hopelessly positive people who always seems to have an infectious smile on her face. Carol also runs ANN-tics by Carol (sweepstakes supplies) as well as the annual Hershey Mini Convention held each year in Grantville, Pennsylvania (coming up this October 17-19th). Her son Steve is one heck of a karaoke singer I hear, BonJovi his specialty.


SweepingAmerica - Judy McCurdy

SweepingAmerica is a weekly newsletter of about 30 snail-mail sweepstakes and contests for people who are serious about winning. The newsletter also offers a Gold Rush! page containing regional and restricted as well as last chance and short run sweeps and a "members only" Yahoo! group. Judy is a very sweet and dear lady from a small town in Oklahoma near where I grew up. Judy also presented an interesting session at this year's sweepstakes convention entitled Winner Ambush. Judy is also an OLS member.


The Sweeper Times - Al Sayward, Jr.

Al "Captain Jack" Sayward, Jr. is from a family with sweeping in their blood, his father being none other than Al Sayward, host of the 2007 National Sweepstakes Convention in Dearborn, Michigan and the gentleman that runs (and founded?) the Eastside Michigan Wolverines Sweepstakes Club in Warren, Michigan. The Sweeper Times newsletter specializes in hard to find snail-mail sweeps that can't be found anywhere else. Al really knows his sweeps and he is also an OLS member.


SweepSheet - Patti Osterheld

Founded by the venerable Sandy Gulliver about 18 years ago, SweepSheet is the measure by which all other snail-mail newsletters are judged. Sandy is without question one of the most trusted, respected, knowledgeable and influential sweepers and sweepstakes editors- ever. Sweeping as both a hobby and community and the annual national sweepstakes convention would simply not be the same today without her essential support over the years.

Sandy has recently retired and passed the SweepSheet torch to Patti Osterheld. Patti seems to be a very pleasant lady who is quite a knowledgeable, experienced and capable sweeper in her own right. I don't envy Patti one bit, because those are going to be some awfully tough shoes to fill. But I'm sure with Sandy's guidance and the support of one of the largest, truest and most respectable sweeping communities she'll do just fine and SweepSheet will remain at the top of their game for years to come.


The Contest Queen - Carolyn Wilman

I really like Carolyn. She's another one of those extremely positive people who are always an absolute joy to be around. Her resume is as long, thorough and impressive as you'll find.

Carolyn is the founder of Imagination Edge Inc., a small-business marketing consulting firm, the first contest resource website in Canada-, founder of several of Canada's first contesting clubs, co-founder of the Canadian Contestors Association which runs Canada's Annual National Contestors Convention. She produces a free bi-weekly newsletter called The Winning EDGE that includes contesting stories, tips, tricks and links to new contests (mostly Canadian, I believe) and has authored one of the best sweeping and contesting books ever written- You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter (American Edition is available).

Carolyn also has a blog that features some of the best online coverage of this year's sweepstakes convention you'll find, including plenty of great pictures. Be sure to check it out:

Carolyn also hosts a bi-weekly blog talk radio show that covers all things sweepstaking, contesting, lucky and fun. You can listen in live or in the form of a podcast:


The Official Sweepstakes Convention Video - Jeff Crosno

Jeff is a great guy. He's one of the pillars of the sweepstakes convention that everyone just expects to see each year. Jeff hosts and produces (along with professional videographer James Perry) the official video of the annual Sweepstakes Convention. A very accomplished and successful sweeper himself, and a natural TV host, Jeff has the insight and passion that only a true sweeper could bring to such a video.

The videos are very well-made and he does a fantastic job trying to get as many sweepers on the video as possible. The videos are a perfect way to remember the fun times and great people at any sweepstakes convention. A true labor of love, I don't believe Jeff sells anywhere near enough of these videos to turn any kind of profit. Therefore, I think its especially important that we all support Jeff (like the other vendors and sponsors) in order to ensure that these videos will be available to all of us at future sweepstakes conventions.

The Official Sweepstakes Convention Video is available in VHS or DVD format for $34.95 (shipping included) and includes highlights of the convention speakers, vendors, seminars and plenty of interviews of sweepers sharing their winning stories, strategies and winning tips.

Also available is the Unedited Convention Video that features the full, unedited video of the entire convention including all of the speakers, presentations, games/gameshows, the sweepstakes editor panel, the skits, the convention videos etc., including the presentation of this year's keynote speaker Jeffrey Feinman ("Mr. Sweepstakes" himself, founder of Ventura Associates) as well as his question and answer session, Judy McCurdy's (SweepingAmerica) Winner Ambush presentation, Steve D'Adolf's always popular Internet Sweeping Tips, and the Sweepstakes Editor Newsletter Panel featuring Brent Riley*** (that's me) and Kerrie Bloss (kbsocial) from OLS, Judy McCurdy from SweepingAmerica, Patti Osterheld from SweepSheet, Carol McLaughlin from This N' That Sweepstakes Stuff and Al Sayward, Jr. from The Sweeper Times, and many, many others.

*** Just a little truth in advertising- I honestly didn't do very well or say a whole lot on the Sweepstakes Editor Newsletter Panel. To be perfectly honest, I was like a deer in headlights up there. I just don't want anybody to order the Unedited Convention Video expecting to see and hear a whole lot from me on the panel. On the other hand, it might be good for a laugh, I made a pretty good crack about picturing everyone naked.

The Unedited Convention Video is also available in VHS or DVD format for $44.95 (shipping included) or you can order both the Official Sweepstakes Convention Video and the Unedited Convention Video together for $74.95 which also includes shipping.

To order, please send your payment, choice of video and format, and your shipping name and address to:

J.D. Crosno
2921 Carters Grove
O'Fallon, MO 63368

I *believe* Jeff has produced the official video for each year's sweepstakes convention since the very beginning (that's 19 years), so he most likely could provide videos from past conventions if you are interested.

OLS is giving away a copy of the Official Sweepstakes Convention Video. See this thread: The Official Sweepstakes Convention Video - Order Information and a Chance to Win a Copy!.


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