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Paid but not green yet.
I am starting this thread for all the people who have not gotten credit for their payments. PLEASE ONLY POST IF YOU FIT IN THIS GROUP. Maybe if all of us are listed in one thread it will make it easier for them to straighten this out. Just list name and date paid.
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July 1
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July 3rd.

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July 7

As of July 18, I am now green. Hopefully everyone in this thread will be green by the end of the week.

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I paid for 1 year and have not got my year yet I sent 3 e mails and still have not got credit for paying for the year on july 8th
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July 13... should have told me something.
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June 30th
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July 8 I have sent messages to Nicole and the OLS email. No response so far.

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Sunday, July 01, 2018.
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July 11
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July 9
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June 30

(7/17 I’ve now escalated my case with PayPal after emailing OLS first then messaged through paypal with no response)

(7/21 Got a PM, I’ve reversed my dispute and am Green, Thanks!)

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June 30.
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July 1
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July 12th
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