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Only 50 days left to register!!!
Registrations for SPF25Orlando the National Sweepstakes Convention, Aug 27-31, will close in just 50 days. This is the Convention's 25th (Silver) Anniversary and we want to be sure everyone has a chance to register and join the Sun, Prizes and Fun in Orlando. The convention planners already know that this year's convention will be larger than many in recent years. The link to register is off the convention webpage: http://www.spf25orlando.com/

There is also an FAQ section to help you. To register you have to download the form and mail your check OR fill it out online and then GO BACK and use PayPal or pay with credit card. No one is registered until payment is received. Be sure to clearly write/type your name, address, and email so the convention can be in contact with you. What are you waiting for? Don't miss the best sweeping event of the year! Hope to see you in Orlando!
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