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my daughter is sick
My 22 yr. old Daughter who lives in Astoria, OR has been really sick for over a week now and we think she has Swine Flu because she has all the symptoms.

She is going to the ER when it gets light out because she has to walk 6 blocks to the hospital, she doesn't drive and doesn't know anyone with a car and doesn't have $ for a cab.

I feel really terrible that I can't help her, it's a 5 hour drive from me and my car is not running well and I'm not sure I could make it and I am worried that if I did get there that I might catch whatever she has.

She also does not have health insurance and she is worried will lose her job if she misses too many days.. it took months to get this job and she barely makes enough to pay rent and buy food

It's a really sucky situation and I am very worried
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