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Countdown to the Convention
Below is a press release that Deb is trying to get out to everyone attending the convention:

We are less than a month away from the May 15, 2011 final registration day for the 22nd National Sweepstakes Convention to be held on June 16-19, 2011 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It's time to get your $250 and registration form in before it's too late. Don't miss what will be an action packed winning time for all. Meet up with your long distance sweeping friends for this once a year reunion. Compare your list of wins since the last convention and be prepared to win, win, win! We will be giving away IPAD's, gift cards, computers, printers, laptops, other electronic devices, sweepstake supplies, gift baskets, money and more.

The Hilton Hotel at Grand Wayne Center is sold out and we have a second hotel, the Courtyard By Marriott, conveniently located across the street from the Grand Wayne Center. Rooms are "special priced" at $105, plus tax, per night for our convention. We have a limited amount of rooms still available for the convention. The website is: http://cwp.marriott.com/fwadt/nationalsweepstakes/ and the national phone number to make reservations is 866-704-6163 or you may call the hotel direct at 260-490-3629 and be sure to mention that you are with the "National Sweepstakes group." Amber Thomas is our contact at the Courtyard By Marriott. Our convention is going to "sell out" all available hotel rooms in downtown Fort Wayne, so get your hotel reservation in NOW. The last day to get your room reserved at the Courtyard By Marriott is May 17, 2011, if any rooms are still available. Don't be left out!

If you have not RSVP'd for the Tin Caps vs. Dayton ballgame and picnic on Thursday, June 16, 2011, please do so now through the convention website at www.nationalsweepstakes.com attention "Deborah." Some of the early registration forms that were distributed at the MN convention did not have the ballgame option listed on them. As a fully registered convention guest, you may get a complimentary ticket to this event. Additional tickets for non-registered convention guests are available for $20 per person and must be ordered prior to May 15, 2011. The check needs to be made payable to" "22nd National Sweepstakes Convention" and forwarded to Deborah Dambra. We will have "one of our own" sing the National Anthem that night, 6 others in our group will get to be a contestant in the between the innings games and have a chance to win. Also, there will be both major and minor baseball league items to win for our group at the ballpark. The evening ends with a wonderful fireworks display. If you elect to attend and need accessible or special seating, please let me know that, too.

If you want to go on the "Casino Night" trip on Friday, June 17, 2011, I must have the additional $20 per person for this optional trip now. Remember, you will get a $25 value play/food package for your $20. Both horsetrack and casino action will be represented. Games will be played on the buses for additional wins and the casino will be giving one "Prize Closet" prize of value to each bus that goes on this trip. As of this writing, we are up to three buses. The buses have to be ordered by May 15, 2011 which is the deadline for this optional trip and you will NOT be able to decide "last minute" at the convention that you want to be included on this trip. The check needs to be payable to: "22nd National Sweepstakes Convention" and forward it to Deborah Dambra, 4028 Indian Hills Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46809-1124 with a note indicating this is to add the casino trip, if you have already sent in your convention registration. If you have not sent your convention registration in yet, just add the $20 to your registration check; it does not need to be a separate check.

Please know that you do not have to go to the ballgame or the casino trip. You may stay at the hotel where special get togethers will be held. Or you may go to any of the Fort Wayne area attractions which have generously donated admissions to their attractions including various museums; the Rib Fest and the All American Midway will be going on this weekend as well. You can elect to do and see it all or just rest and relax between the "winning sessions."

We still have a few vendor's tables available for $20 per table which includes the table coverings, two chairs and a waste basket. Electrical hook-ups are extra and may be ordered through the Grand Wayne Center website. Al Sayward, Sr. is the Vendor's Room Coordinator and the Vendor's Registration form with accompanying check needs to be made out to "22nd National Sweepstakes Convention" and sent to Deborah Dambra as listed above.

It's time to get your raffle items in order, if you want to be included in the raffle item drawings. The raffle items list is available on the convention website and is also listed on various newsletter websites such as SweepSheet and Sweeping America through the convention links. Fully registered attendees will receive name label sheets in their registration packets, which will be received at convention check-in, to use on the backs of the raffle tickets and/or for Vendor's Room raffle drawings.

"Housekeeping items" - If you submit your airline information to me, I will relay it in advance to the appropriate hotel, for your pick-up at the Fort Wayne International Airport. If you have a "special occasion" such as birthday or anniversary while the convention is being held, let me know that, too, for "public acknowledgement" at the convention.

Remember to bring your costume representing your favorite win to be judged in a session, a roll of quarters (at least) for on the casino trip bus bingo games, your 250 words or less essay for consideration in the Father's Day contest, your bowling ball, if you elect to go "Bowling for Dollars" in your spare time at the convention.

Finally, are you or your club making a donation (or donations) to the convention? If so, let us know so you get website and program recognition. Remember, you don't have to be at the convention to contribute to the growing prize list.

Remember, "Everyone's A Winner" at the 22nd National Sweepstakes Convention on June 16-19, 2011 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Why not be a "winner" there, too? Many wins to you at the 22nd National Sweepstakes Convention! See you soon!

Deborah Dambra
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thanks for the announcement. was there winners picked for the convention trip contest?
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Originally Posted by janna View Post
thanks for the announcement. was there winners picked for the convention trip contest?
The trip to convention is being hosted by OLS and the winners have not yet been chosen. As soon as they are chosen and have accepted they will be announced.
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Thanks for the posting. I knew nothing about the Father's Day essay, or the favorite win costume. Guess this has been posted elsewhere and I missed it?
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Don't feel bad Sweeps, I've been so busy getting things in order that I missed the OLS drawing!! Ugh....

Most of the information has been posted on the main Convention website. This last news alert was sent to all editors so that those who don't make it to the main website get snagged. Time is getting close...can't wait....
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