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It says if you see your name on the list and have not received your prize to contact them at
It wouldn't hurt to ask if the person listed is you!
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I wrote to them. Hope it's me! Thanks for the responses.

My Wins!
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Woman's Day July 2008 Winners

The Oaks at Ojai Getaway (1 winner)
Rachel Knudsen

Beaches Resort Getaway (1 winner)
Deborah Slate

Lake Placid Getaway (1 winner)
Diann Kelly

Scotch-Brite Ultra NailSaver Giveaway (5 winners)
Craig Strete
Sue Hopkins
Marne Friedman
Darlene McGarvey
Dianne Sterling

GoClean Backpack Vac Giveaway (2 winners)
David Coward
Jessica Harlow

Lexmark Printer Giveaway (5 winners)
Jackie Tweed
Gwen Stroud
Mark Evans
Preston Edwards
Linda Papa

BodyGuardz Protectors Giveaway (3 winners)
Valerie Mitchell
Robert Meier
Barbara Acierno

Warner's Elements of BlissWire Bra Giveaway (10 winners)
Ellen Abernathy
Gloria Minter
Carol Woytowitz
Michelle Hudak
Kim Blanton
Thomas Ziegler
Gloria Seidenberg
Jenice Detro
Marcella Doughan
Ji Hea Hwang

Jig-A-Loo Giveaway (25 winners)
Alice Bishop
Robert Jordan
Lily Leong
Molly Ray
Evelyn Grice
Debbie Babcock
Jason Wilcox
Katherine Morley
Jeff Cupp
Joyce Neill
Evelyn Mancuso
Cathy Spohn
Delores Prockish
Viola Cargile
Steve Breitkreutz
Verlyne Key
Yvette Hayes
Katrina Pender
Martha Payton
Karen Dragun
Gail Tucker
Debbie Harrison
Patricia Fenske
Kathy Saxton
Barbara Kuns

Melody Gardot "Worrisome Heart" and Jessie Baylin "Firesight" CD Giveaways (20 winners)
John Schoenharl
Leticia Kozbial-Brown
Virginia Zimbrich
Linda Cope
Misty Sikora
Brenda Ledsworth
Therese Harbour
Teresa Iverson
Bonnie Neubauer
Sue Baker
Janis Baumgardner
Mary Lemke
Mary Williams
Audrey Larson
Colleen Habib
Teresa West
Kerri Norwick
Bob Mennell
Susan Walker
Jennifer Melton

Definitely, Maybe DVD Giveaway (10 winners)
Brenda Shelton
Clarence Schwartz
Le Ann Lenfest
Patricia Medlin
Claudia Hubka
Kelly Britton
Julie Ferry
Alyssa Richter
Virginia McKinney
Alana Rillo

Wall-E Wii Video Game Giveaway (15 winners)
Kathy Boring
Craig Schene
James Ellard
Kim Lawson
Michael Callahan
Lisa O'Brien
Rhonda Rosser
Carolyn McDaniel
Dawn Nelson
Amy Jeka
Michelle Henley
Debbie Cranmer
Kathy Kubes
Sonja Petersen
Charlotte Garemore
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Not yet but i keep trying

Every entry is a potential Winner -
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I won from them just a couple of months ago. Prize just showed up. I never received an email saying I won or that I needed to confirm anything.

PM me for a LOCKERZ invite. Earn points for awesome prizes. Marc Jacobs handbag for 350 pts, iPod for 300 pts.
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Update: I never would have received my prize had I not replied to the email confirmation. I replied on a Friday & the gal wrote back on Monday that she would be putting it in the mail that day. I received in Wednesday. Though it may be different depending on the particular prize you win. So now I'm much more diligent about checking all my emails, even/especially those that appear to be spam!

Check out my wins (2008 - 2012)! Total wins in 2013 (as of Oct 31, 2013) = $12,794.53 (though I haven't listed each win as I did in previous years....yet...maybe I'll get around to it.)
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Woman's Day August 2008 Winners

OFF! PowerPad Lamp & Lantern Giveaway (10 winners)

Chuck Darrah

Debby Magin

Alan Saxon

Laurie Graham

Mary Petersen

Barbara McGuffin

Linda Dutchess

Linda Delisio

Lisa Buzgo

Pat Gadbaw

Folgers Think Pink Giveaway (10 winners)

Gail Dietrich

Judith Ebneter

Maryjane Hulin

Nicole Jimenez

Catherine Kister

Alisa Messner

Meaghan Fleming

William Harmon

Christie Shook

Jacquelyn Wick

Algonquin Hotel and New York Guest Family Celebration Getaway (1 winner)

Angela McKee

Sushi Pack Backpack Giveaway (5 winners)

Jeanne Dudas

Andrea Brothers

Melanie Herman

Michelle Zegada-Frias

Mary Trott

Mead Writing Fundamentals Giveaway (15 winners)

Renee Thielen

Linda Turman

Andrea Martin

Louise Pocsics

Mary Sheed

Joann Colgan

Catherine Newman

Mike Mooney

J.F. Earnest

Pam Storey

Annie Smith

Becky Baldock

Patricia Anderson

Pam Jones

Stephen Demers

Twist Water Giveaway (20 winners)

Arlene Neumann

Janice Johnson

Kerry Hamrick

Terry Vanderkolk

Roberta Skrydlak

Anne DeGrace

Marsus Lupu

Mary Hofstetter

Shelby Sease

Katie Martin

Kristie Manley

Carolyn Markgraf

Joan Coates

Jo-Ann Redmon-Overton

Eileen Lammers

Marcia Drake

Pauline Mendes

Tabitha Hensley

Kristine Sansone

C. Nooyen

Hemalayaa: Beautiful Belly Workout DVD Giveaway (10 winners)

Donna Vuncannon

Karen Kirschner

Christine Hedges

Jennifer Williams

Dorothy Shepard

Bill Lenihan

Lare Caprariello

Bonnie Ottmar

Sophia Gismondi

Margaret Aranguren

Marshalls $250 Gift Certificate Giveaway (3 Winners)

Jennifer Muise

Neal Maynard

Nita Schobert

Elgydium Oral Care Kit Giveaway (25 winners)

Anna Gravlin

Kathleen Reinecke

Joan Verdeal

M Robillard

Alan Williams

Joan Newman

Ella White

Sue Marshall

Susie Nash

Rebecca Snodgrass

Tom Shebesta

Mary Church

Debra Sharp

Peg Murphy

Sherry Forer

Shelly Scott

Wendy Kadar

Dixie Hunter

Kimberly Smith

Elisabeth Hoffmann

Deana Calvanese

Tyler Hills

Jennifer Burton

Erin Gould

Valerie Munger

Don’t Leave Me Hangin’ Travel Case Giveaway (5 Winners)

Mary Jo Hamann

Janet Woodling

Robert Harris

Dan Hunnel

Phyllis Wolfe

Marival Resort & Suites Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, Getaway (1 winner)

Prima McNeill

Virgin America Getaway (1 winner)

Linda Hartman
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Woman's Day September 2008 Winners
Charleston Cookie Company Gift Basket Giveaway (8 winners)

Cheryl Cooper
Faith Whitley
Patricia Nagle
Sara Prior
Cynthia Rookis
Nan Grabowski
Norma Saltsman
Judy Cardenas

Oneida Dinnerware Giveaway (1 Winner)

LeRoy Bishaw

Mighty Putty Giveaway (25 Winners)

Caroline Blake
Katie Andrade
Lisa Roth
Kimberly Major Brown
Connie Christensen
Arijana Sheridan
Teresa Garbini
Sue Huber
Jerri Hargrave
Lois Fernandez
Eileen Tahara
Shirley Tinsley
Cecylia Gorecki
Carol Kowalski
Caitlyn Eldridge
Bill Shaffer
Jennifer Melrose
Troy Ashbaugh
Lori Cole
William Buntz
Dolores Denton
Jim Alverson
Sharol Backues
Robin Wolfe
Lanisa Larrabee

The Magic Bullet Platinum Pro Giveaway (3 Winners)

Karen Liocano
Rita Darr
Janice Asarian

Microplane Personal Care Pedicure Gift Bag Giveaway (10 Winners)

Ann Charleville
John Donahue
Wally Knoedi
Audrey Deegan
Mike Dodge
Deborah Laschinger
Gloria Kuczynski
Crystal Arroyo
Jen Ovalle
April Winslow

Baby Mama DVD and L'ovedBaby Hat Giveaway (10 winners)

Jerilyn Constantine
Kimberly Mitchell
Jenny Hendrickson
Gladys Springer
Julia Hoglund
Dina Kidle
Neal Maynard
Megan Brothers
Dan Covello
Pam Johnson

Broken Bow, Oklahoma Getaway (1 Winner)

Carol Leasher

Calgary, Alberta, Girlfriends Getaway (1 Winner)

Lynn Thurman
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PLEASE NOTE: The first batch of October winners are in! The second batch of contests end at noon tomorrow, Dec. 5, 2008. Please expect those winners within the next two weeks. Thank you for your patience and your interest!

Pillsbury Gift Basket Giveaway (10 Winners)

Robert Marandino
Kathy Dorazio
Willa Dukes
Anita Martel
Carol Morrison
Norma Ashmore
Margaret Williams
Shirley Hofacker
Patricia Ritchie
Susan Stowe

Teton Springs Lodge & Spa Giveaway (1 Winner)

Jen Mileni

Wordlock Padlock Giveaway (25 Winners)

Vanessa Ratliff
Nancy Perry
Nat Stevens
Troy Tupa
Maureen Curley
Christy Curran
Natalie Carroll
Marilyn Birdsall
Javier Rodriguez
Linda Bryant
Beth Dale
Cheryl Gabrian
Stephanie Pannell
Candi Brotherton
Susie Williams
Carol Oberfell
Debbie Lane
Becky Milstead
Shirley Bryant
Sharon Aurora
Arthur Overla
Beverly Villeneuve
Audra Trillana
Eleanor Harkins
Peggy Miller

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Giveaway (5 Winners)

Judy Hervey
Gloria Duenez
John Donahue
Mary Rude
Sandy Ponsot

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort Getaway (1 Winner)

Robert Lockwood


Salads of the Sea Picnic Basket/Crate & Barrel Giveaway (3 Winners)

Strawberry Shortcake Prize Package Giveaway (5 Winners)

Jon McLaughlin CD Giveaway (10 Winners)

Blistex Deep Renewal Giveaway (50 Winners)

PZI Jeans Giveaway (3 Winners)

Stript Natural Mineral Make-Up Eyeshadow and Mirror Giveaway (10 Winners)

Pretzel Crisps Giveaway (10 Winners)

Have you shopped at Addoway today?
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Additional October Winners
Salads of the Sea Picnic Basket/Crate & Barrel Giveaway (3 Winners)

Steve Breitkreutz
Elizabeth Thompson
Sherri Kennedy

Strawberry Shortcake Prize Package Giveaway (5 Winners)

Cynthia Tschoepe
Pat Vance
Laura Snyder
Shannon Tinker
Janie Coshow

Jon McLaughlin CD Giveaway (10 Winners)

Israel Yeres
Michele Duncan
Tina Rath
Edward Konrad
Willis Krugman
Linda O’Brien
Evelyn Grice
Sue Milne
Nancy Kee
Stephanie Cox

Blistex Deep Renewal Giveaway (50 Winners)

Cindy Pederstuen
Tracey Taylor
Steve Jatkowski
Phyllis Wilson
Andrea Anerson
Eileen &nbs p; Lammers
Laura Collins
Catherine Meyer
Mary Cooney
Jane Komppa
Jeff Stinson
Stacey Smith
Barbara Prince
Kristine Vanderford
Lisa Ballenger
Sonya McDougal
Sue Huber
Michael McCracken
Dorothy Tompkins
Kristen Reed
Karen Stoddard
Judy Rozek
Michelle Walters
Michael Hampton
Audrey DiRisio
Patricia Schwartz
Cindy Bird
Leslie Davis
Janet Reilly
Bonita Carlson
Elaine Sankovitch
Sue Driscoll
Dana Okamoto
Margaret Stelter
Richard James
Mary McRae
Ella Neal
Kerri Norwick
Aaron Som
Stefanie Abernathy
Christine Overs
Glenda Liebsack
Sue Baker
Jennifer Garrido
Kristin Rusin
Aggie Fahlbush
Eva Campbell
Pam Jones
Connie Cicha
Judy Taylor

PZI Jeans Giveaway (3 winners)

Judith Humphries
Chris Houston
Sheryl Molnar

Stript Eyeshadow & Mirror Giveaway (10 winners)

Shelley Schmidtke
Katherine Alstadt
Paula Frantz
Cristie Doran
Tina Lipske
Marian Baillet
Patricia Froehner
Janet Smith
James Whitley
Tameko Tsunehara

Pretzel Crisps Giveaway (10 winners)

Sherrine Kochen
Carol VanGieson
Susan Covatta
Nancy Pristash
Joan Vaughan
Judith Humphries
Marie Freiberger
Ann Cahoon
Penny LeBaron
Marcia House

Have you shopped at Addoway today?
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Lysol’s Fight the Flu Giveaway (1 Winner)

Carol Baker

Kingsford Tailgate at Home Party Package (10 Winners)

Laura Greene
Rachel Gilligan
Reynda Scobee
Tracey Pounds
Angela Hawkins
Michelle McCormick
Laura Wesley
Kevin Matthews
0A Linda Gilbert
William Steinmetz

Y.E.S. Young Essential Skincare Set Giveaway (5 Winners)

Jill Flesher
Marjorie Bowring
Linda Mercer
Suzette Livsey
Mary Burton

The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa Getaway (1 Winner)

Karlene Smith

Wagatha’s Organic Dog Biscuit Giveaway (20 Winners)

Shirley Boisvert
Eva May
Shirley Doeling
Vicki Hickman
Gail Schyhol
Carolyn Custer
Kerri Norwick
Terry Jamieson
Roselle Sinsay
Pamela Angelo
Geri DeMattei
Linda Amerman
Carol Edwards
Pamela Combs
Penny Ulanch
Lisa Clarizio
Diane Tascione
Patricia Beaudin
Marian Deyarmond
Brenda Peters

Simon & Schuster Book Giveaway (30 Winners)

Robin Haglund
Deanna Burleson
Sharon Berry
Marlene Schmitt
Larry Hagan
Kay Hamby
Darlene Terrazas
Dianne Cyr
Art Beaudet
Stephanie Carlsen
Patricia Russell
Steven Schick-Morris
Linda Fahrbach
Monica Casciano
Grace Loesch
Brenda Fox
Aaron Bretveld
Gwen Hiles
Betty Dennis
Linda Wickersham
Amanda Robison
Beth White
Willie White
Terry Musgrove
Bryce Batts
Marleen Davis
Jennie Rallison
Joseph Andrews
Steve Breitkreutz
Roy Cronise

Mohonk Mountain House Mini-Meditations CD (10 winners)

Katharina Mayer
Susan Simler
Natalie Garcia
Mary Pierson
Jim Jorgenson
Pamela Ray
Sarah Beadles
K.B. Soon
Shannon Blanton
Carol Carstensen

Motorola Hands-Free Headset Phone (2 Winners)

David Mee
Judy Cross

True Lemon, True Lime, True Orange (20 Winners)

Donna Burton
Carol Woytowitz
Shirley Michael
Lisa Prvonozac
Alice Brenner
Steve Lambert
Cheryl Chludzinski
Lori Sheehan
Cheryl Johnson
Kathleen Davis
Bill Spathelf
Loretta Theriot
Misty Crawford
Beth McCammon
Charles Barnett
Mike Wegener
Nicholas Pendrous
Helen Marquart
Mary Zeitz
Joey Eddins

Omni San Diego Getaway (1 winner)

Jennifer Melton

Ledisi’s It’s Christmas and Linda Eder’s The Other Side of Me CD (10 Winners)

Rita Cooper
Edward Facio
Kimberly Luongo
Karen Imwalle
Karen Allen
Susan Skuse
Sheila Wallen
Deanne Dulabahn
Anna Griffin
Lisa Fleer

Celebrity Fit Bag (1 Winner)

Sandra Martin

Have you shopped at Addoway today?
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December 2008 Winners

Meat Thermometer Giveaway (100 winners)

Pam Morse
Velva McKenzie
Brian Morin
Diane Sweeney
Martha Brotherton
Tanya Morris-Welborn
Vance Alquist
Estella Kissell
Annmarie Bartfai
Ginny Marchetto
Ruthanna Worl
Petra Brown
Scott Knourek
Shavon Frazier
Eileen Wolcott
Doug Bingham
Arthur Arena
Wendy Swanson
Brenda Sandoval
Dorothy Dulick
Linda O’Brien
Chris Van Houten
Ashley Buchanan
Betty Krenke
Maxine Choate
Bonnie B.
Tony Davis
Ronald Erickson
Sharon Davis
Tonya Davis
Valerie Knourek
Robin Klouser
Theo Braswell
Lisa Hatch
Quanda Dykstra
Shawna Chambers
Christine Kustrup
Barbie Gordon
Karen Martin
Stan Strand
Dorothy Dulick
Barry Harrin
Edith Edwards
Thai Vargas
Dorothy Diveley
Berdie Cox
Lester Gnadt
Jeannie Kantor
Petra Brown
Gary Zelasko
Cynthia Tome
Rene Kimball
Anthony Miller
Trudy James
Lauren Uslan
Paul Wolfe
Berdie Cox
Heather Comstock
Christine Hawes
Reynda Scobee
Jodi Lankford
Angela Cisco
Maria Kelly
Wendy Swanson
Elizabeth Bishop
Robin Fetters
Gert Fowkes
Tracie Stokes
Sharon Steen
Dennise Feier
Dianne Haring
Elvin Kinsinger
Linda Howes
Margaret VonBergen
Donna Prewitt
Dianne Hurley
Grace Loesch
Angela Winesburg
Karen Davis
John Krietz
Betsy Lynn
Sharon Maaske
Mary Knowlton
Diane Corbin
Saundra McKenzie
Eleanor Harkins
James Stewart
Sandra Bynon
Barry Harrin
Alyssa Sagolla
Claudia Hubka
Nancy Tolang
John Nitka
Jenny Vrana
Mona Neal
Tanya Wilson
Jennifer Fisher
Angela Palmer
Samuel Donovan

Timex Ironman Sleek Fitness Tracker Giveaway (5 winners)

Wendi Tomlinson
Shannon Sanford
Candace Trotter
Glenn Skawinski
Donna Enfinger

Feng Shui Wind Chimes Giveaway (10 winners)

Mike Sokol
K. Sarich
Stephanie Elsbury
Janice Huff
Shirley Hung
Patricia Pepmiller
Mike Kosiek
Donna Dailey
Veronica Osorio
Bonnie Byrne

Capital One ‘Gift of Giving’ Giveaway (5 winners)

Virginia Werner
Dee Henning
Jennifer Short
Irene Escalante
ElsieMay Kinney

Rosetta Stone Language Software Giveaway (2 winners)

Montie Campbell
John South

Mamma Mia DVD Giveaway (10 winners)

Linda Floyd
Kathleen Porteous
Kathy Nieto
Kelly Nicholson
Stacy Biro
Karla Matusak
Geraldine Baker
Penny Dickson
Mary Jo Sutton
Gayle Wilkowski

Natalie Cole Still Unforgettable CD Giveaway (10 winners)

Kelly Ward
Alesia Beckham
Linda Boyd
Sarah Laurenti
Karen Cogburn
Roberta Montes
Tricia Caughley
Christine Florkowski
Doris Jones
Chris Marquart

The Reserve at Paradisus Palma Real, Dominican Republic Getaway (1 winner)

Charlene Smith

Have you shopped at Addoway today?
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I noticed with the meat thermometer that some people won twice...Petra Brown and Berdie Cox...
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I see that I won the Natalie Cole cd. My first win this month.
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Originally Posted by Westiegirl View Post
I noticed with the meat thermometer that some people won twice...Petra Brown and Berdie Cox...
I was listed twice as a winner on a woman's day sweep awhile ago. I only received one of the prize though. Probably a clerical error.

"Idiocracy". It's a movie, not an instruction manual.
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