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Hi! I'm new 😊 And I have a question...
Hi everyone!

I'm excited to start looking through all the contests! 😄 I have a quick question, I just posted a giveaway, and when I search for it I do see it, but I don't see it listed in today's new sweeps. Is there something I need to do for it to show up in there? Or is it just already buried beneath the others? Just wanted to make sure I'm doing it right 🙂

Thanks and good luck to all of you!
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I've only posted a few, so I'm not really experienced at this either, but I think a moderator has to approve it.

Thanks for adding sweeps!

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If you go to the options/help tab at the top and then all the way over to the right you will see submitted, this should be the ones that you have submitted. It could be that your sweep is a premium one and you won't see it in the general listings since you don't have access to those.
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Oh ok, thank you both! 😊
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I didn't see it in your stats, as posts it is only 1. That would be this one here.
Also if it went through it would have come up on a page named current submitted sweepstakes or something like that.
I sure hop you get it figured out, we appreciate all posted new sweeps.
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I believe that all new entries must be reviewed for SPAM and completeness and classified by category before release for general view. The person who submitted it will always be able to see their submission during this process.
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Blog sweeps get validated when someone gets the time. We appreciate the submission. As of now, the premium members can see the unvalidated blog sweeps, and you can as well.

It is listed and members are seeing it if they go into where the blogs are.

Welcome to OLS.

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