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what to wear????
a quick question....what should i pack for my first sweeps convention? is everyone dressy? casual?
thanks for the info guys!

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Excellent question! I want to know too!

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Be comfortable
We wear shorts, jeans, or whatever you are comfortable in for most of the weekend. The banquet goes anywhere from business casual. Nice slacks and a top or skirt and a top or some go all out and get really, really dressed up.

I ususally wear jeans or colored slacks during the day with a nice top (T-shirts are ok too) and for the banquet I dress as if I was going to a wedding reception. Just seems like the thing I like to do.

Look at the pictures posted from last year from the convention or better yet they have pictures posted under the 2006 Northeast Mini Convention (Hershey). Look at what those folks are wearing for an even better idea of what to wear.

Men wear jeans, shorts, T-shirts, polo shirts, collared shirts, etc. and then some do and some do not wear dress jackets to the banquet.

Hope that helps. You will be sitting most of the day for the sessions so be sure you are comfortable!! See you soon.
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