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Originally Posted by duknuk View Post
That field mouse is either obese from the all-you-can-stomach chicken feed buffet, or it is preggers.

Hope I catch the critter before there are more.
There was a baby mouse wandering around my living room last night. My dogs didn't even flinch but if I drop a piece of lint on the floor they bark at it, smell it, walk around it ten times sniffing. I don't know why they are immune to mice. I'd really like them to let me know when there's a critter in the house.
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Originally Posted by dopey View Post
I got my informed delivery email this morning, 2 pieces of junk and my state ID card. I got the 2 pieces of junk mail, but no ID card.
Still not here, but I clicked on the chat pop-up at usps.com and they said a letter can show up on informed delivery 2-3 days before delivery. Maybe tomorrow.

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