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Exclamation advice/support needed (still)
Haven't been here in a while & since my previous post is older than 6 months, can't add on to it.

Mom's nursing home has wiped us out. She's on Medicaid but is still required to turn over her monthly "income."

We currently owe them well over $19,000 just to get caught up. Next bill will make that close to $23,000.

She needs 24/7 medical care. Can't be at home because our house isn't in any condition for her to be here. House & property are in need of cleaning up & repairs.

Are there any charities/gifts/grants that could help us get out of debt? I'm tired of getting harassed/threatened by the nursing home.

I've tried contacting The Ellen Show more than once. Our NBC station went on & on for a month or more about RIP Medical Debt but that's random selection & you can't apply. And I don't have the luck to win big cash prizes (although I've tried).

I started a gofundme earlier this year but I know we're not allowed to post those. Only had a few donations so far but not enough to make a dent.

Any help you can provide is welcome. I'm upset enough with everything regarding Mom's declining health let alone to have debt hanging over our heads.
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Go and see an attorney. They are usually worth the cost, instead of being hassled by a nursing home. I usually park myself at Barnes and Noble reading everything on the problem and usually come up with a solution. You could check me that a lawyer is worth it.
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Met with an elder care lawyer about 3 years or so back when Mom first went in the nursing home. Waste of time & money...didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

I don't have money for a lawyer.

Just need to get the bills paid off that we already have without creating any more.
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My town/area has advocates for the elderly. Start with the local senior center if you need to. There should be help out there for you

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If it were me, I would look into taking out a loan to do the home repairs so she can be there. To at least stop the ball from rolling and getting bigger. May start at the local library, talk to someone there, there is a surprising amount of knowledge among older librarians in regards to programs, grants and a lot of personal experience. I am so sorry you are going through this and I wish had a pearl of wisdom for you.

*any chance you could rent out a room in your home, rent storage space in your yard, rent out items you own in order to come up with home repair money/help pay off the bill?

Think I would document all the "harassment" by the home, anything outside of regular bill collecting proceedings could indeed be harassment and lead to them having no leg to stand on. Calls, time/date, letters, names/visits etc..keep it all in detail in a notebook. You just never know.

Good Luck!
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Maybe I'm missing something.. the nursing home should be covered by medicaid and her "income" and I believe it wasn't 100% of the income as a little bit is allowed for other essentials.

My mom was in an assisted living that had a special lower rate for a two bed room. It worked out, but we did have to pay a little extra a month.. I was just getting her into a state program and increased veteran's payments when she passed. The paperwork when she went there had a clause that after 2 years, there would be no additional money collected above her income.

MIL was in a nursing home and on medicaid. The only money we spent was for clothing, etc. The facility and all that went with it were covered 100%.

I'd look into an elderly services center to talk to someone there who may help lead you into the right direction. The other thing would be to talk with the state medicaid services.

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If she's on Medicaid, there should not be a fee. They do require her income; for example Social Security, (except for a stipend; usually $70/month for incidentals) go toward her care. Why is there a fee? Are they not receiving her income, if she has one?

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