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Why Was My Vote Request Deleted??
We get numerous PM's a day asking why vote/referral requests have been deleted.

These are the top 2 reasons (all from the rules stickied at the top of the forum):

ALL REFERRAL/VOTE REQUEST THREADS MUST HAVE A SET END DATE!! Please list the contest end date, end time and time zone in the title. Threads with no end date, time and time zone listed in the title or no end date, time listed at all will be deleted
If you continually bump your thread or have others bump it for you, you will lose the privilege of using this forum. Please limit your bumps to once every 24 hours to allow others links to be viewed. Bumping more than once every 24 hours will result in your thread being deleted.
A bump is any response to a thread - this includes saying thank you or answering a question asked of you. You can edit your first post if there is more information and you can thank people the next day - all at once - with a general thank you. If you post at 3:23pm CT on Tuesday - you can not post until after 3:23pm CT on Wednesday. It is a full 24 hours, not a day to day basis. We are attempting to get programming in the forum that will not allow OP to respond to their thread before that time has passed, much like in the Prize Exchange forum.

Please PM for any questions - reading/following the rules will generally not lead to any deletions

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