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I'm not going to enroll because I already have credit monitoring from when our tax returns were stolen in SC. They originally gave us one year but have extended it for several years now and it will send me alerts that usually come in as a sex offender has registered or my email has been compromised. The time that I did apply for credit, they notified me immediately. However, it is simply credit monitoring much like what Equifax is offering. It will alert you of the situation but it won't do anything at all to fix it when it happens. It will let you know that it happened but it won't solve the numerous issues that come as a result. You could feasibly spend the rest of your life trying to sort it all out, but I guess at least you will know. I think the credit monitoring gives you a false sense of security but what else can you really do? What's done is done and it's not like you can go out and get a new identity.
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