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Originally Posted by JoniHaynes View Post
This, in spite of everything, remains my only sweep site. And, there are still loads of sweeps, even if unable to be a premium member. I wish you much good luck with your sweeps!

I agree - this is still my site for sweeps. The best organized, the most information about a sweep. I miss being a premium member, but will carry on here.
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sort feature not working
Originally Posted by kav View Post
On pages where it lists sweeps, there is a "sort" option where one can sort by oldest, newest, highest rated, etc. I have not been able to use mine in quite some time. Is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Its the same in Chrome and IE for me.
I too had trouble with the sort feature. I accidently discovered that if I patiently hovered over the top left corner of the sort bar with my pointer the scroll will come down.
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I go to my submitted sweeps. I select the way I want to sort my sweeps. Usually I sort it to newest first. This sort now applies to all pages I go to.

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It works - not just premium
I found a similar thread to this one a while ago. The answer is that you can still select the sort function you want. It is just slightly difficult to do. You have to get your cursor in just the right spot to click for the list of sort styles available. One previous user in this thread said they point at the top left corner. I point at the top right corner. And it really is just at the very edge of button to get it to work. Experiment a bit and you will find that sweet spot, and never be "out of sorts" again.
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for those of you having probs sorting the sweeps by newest/ rating/ and or alphabetical. First click on the page number, then use the tap key until you get to the sort, click enter, move up or down to whichever one you want to sort to, enter....and voila. you're back to having sorted sweeps

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The "trick" to changing the sort option is to first change it in MySweeps. That setting will carry through to other lists, like Sweeps Directory.
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