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2020 Christmas Card Exchange

I am aware that it is still summer. I would like to give more people a chance to see this thread and sign up for the exchange. I do not use Facebook and will not be posting anything in the group. Over the past few years, the exchange has consisted of around 15 people.

You are welcome to participate and send any type of card that you would like, as long as it sends positive wishes for the holiday season. Keep in mind that you will be sending to everyone on the list. Be prepared to write and receive many cards. If no one receives a card from you, you may not be allowed to participate in the future.

Please reply to this thread if you are interested. Please private message me with your full name and address even if you sent it to me a previous year. I have to keep clearing my inbox and outbox due to the PM storage limit. Your address will be copied, pasted, and sent to everyone EXACTLY as you sent it to me. So, make sure that it is correct. Do not forget your full street address and zip code. You have until 5:00 AM December 1st (Eastern) to send me your information. I will send the entire list to everyone by the evening of December 2nd. Send out your cards timely so that they arrive by Christmas Eve.

Please remember to send a card to everyone on the list. You don't want to end up on Santa's naughty list. Don't feel pressured or obligated to buy expensive cards. Free cards are fine. The idea of the swap is to spread cheer, not to feel overwhelmed.

I will update this list with user names as people sign up for the swap. Your name will turn red after people start receiving your cards. If your name is in the list, presume I received your name and address.

Thank you and best wishes.

2020 Participants:
1. bigballofyarn
2. sonyarn97

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I have a forum! Keep in touch if OLS closes.
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Re: Christmas list
I sent you a PM to sign up!

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