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Hey hey to all!!! Still a lil new to this I've been entering sweeps for a good three months on and off. Everyone thinks I'm wasting my time lol well guess who's gonna prove them wrong🙃
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Thumbs up don't give up.
Welcome! I have been doing this for years and have won trips and loads of other prizes. It has been a great hobby. Don't get discouraged; keep consistent and you will win. When I first started; it was easier to win. But, I believe if you keep doing it; it's bound to happen. Just make sure it's something you really want; because you will have to pay taxes on it. Good Luck!!!

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Welcome and good luck!

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Hello! Welcome and good luck! It can take a while to see any wins, but keep at it and hopefully you will win something soon.

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Hola! Welcome and good luck!!!
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