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Its time to cowboy up!
To All You Cowboys & Cowgirls,

Polish up them Boots - Dust off those hats!


Gwen and I are heading to San Antonio early Tuesday morning to make sure all the buttons and bows and red carpet are ready for your arrival.

Come 7pm sharp Thursday evening with your camera in hand. Be ready to let your hair down & get a little ROWDY!!!

Dictated by Robert Beauchamp - typed by his faithful companion, Gwen

From Gwen - Gee, I feel just like Tonto!
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I am bursting at the seams with excitement! I've been so looking forward to this and I know I wont be disappointed.

I'll be there Wed. afternoon and I am looking forward to seeing everyone!

Undergoing maintenance
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Getting pretty excited over here as well. Still need to mapquest so I don't get lost on Thursday(lol)
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I am coming in Tuesday and can't wait.
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DH Jim and i will arrive Wed, can't wait! Valerie
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I 'm leavin on a jet plane-tomorrow morning!
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Jon and I will be coming in on Thurs afternoon.

Hope to catch up with many of you at Thurs. evening meet-up 7-9 p.m.

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