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What is MySweeps and how do I use it?
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Thought it a good idea to copy this thread from Brent to this Forum. Dee Dee

MySweeps in a Nutshell

MySweeps is a feature that lets you save a list of your favorite sweepstakes. Once a sweep is added to your list, it will appear on your MySweeps page in the appropriate Entry Frequency category (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Single entry, etc.). As sweepstakes expire, they automatically get removed from your list.

<--- This image indicates that you DO NOT currently have this particular sweep saved. Clicking on it will add this sweep to your list, changing the image to the green checkmark.

<--- This image indicates that you DO currently have this particular sweep saved. Clicking on this image will remove the sweep from your list, changing the image to the red minus sign.

***IMPORTANT*** In order for any changes in your MySweeps list to actually be saved, you have to go to the MySweeps page after making them. If you add a bunch a sweeps and don't visit the MySweeps page before you close your browser, the new sweeps won't be saved and they won't be there the next time you visit. The MySweeps page automatically detects any changes that are made and updates your list for you.

Because of MySweeps' use of cookies, there is currently a practical limit to the number of sweeps that can be saved. For most people with current browsers, that limit is around 500 or so. If you have about that many and they suddenly disappear, you'll have to restore your list using the backup feature (provided you made a backup).

Backup Feature
To make a backup copy of your list of sweeps, click on the button that says "MySweeps Backup." A window will appear with the date and time of your last backup, the number of sweeps in your backup copy, and two buttons- "Create New Backup" and "Restore from Backup." To backup the sweeps that you have saved, click on "Create New Backup." Anytime you want to revert to your backup, click on the "Restore from Backup" button.

One thing to keep in mind with the Backup feature. Anytime you create a new backup, MySweeps will only backup the current number of sweeps that are shown in MySweeps at the time. If the MySweeps page says that you have 5 sweeps saved and you perform a backup, only those 5 sweeps will be backed up. Any backup that is made overwrites any previous backup. Only create a new backup when you are reasonably sure that the number of sweeps that MySweeps says you have at the time is correct. When you go to the MySweeps page, and you know you're missing some sweeps, restoring from a backup is usually your only recourse.

MySweeps Options
Clicking on the "MySweeps Options" button on the MySweeps page will give you a couple of options and handy utilities.

"Delete MySweeps" will permanently erase your saved list of sweeps.
"Clear MySweeps Cookies" will erase your MySweeps cookies (your saved list remains unaffected). The next page on the web site that you go to after clearing your MySweeps cookies will cause that little mysterious popup window to appear which will reset your MySweeps cookies from your saved list.
"Delete All Cookies" will delete all cookies on your computer from Online-Sweepstakes.com.
"View Cookies" displays all the cookies on your computer that were set by Online-Sweepstakes.com.

"MySweeps On?" lets you turn MySweeps on or off. More or less, it just hides the "Add" and "Remove" images mention above.
"Number of Links per Page" lets you set how many sweeps will be listed per page in MySweeps.

Most Common Problems
Because MySweeps depends heavily on often browser-specific javascript and a somewhat volatile mixture of various scripts that were never meant to work together, MySweeps is far from perfect. But if you understand how it works and you have a relatively recent browser with cookies enabled you shouldn't have any problems. For MySweeps to work, you must have cookies enabled in your browser.

Browser Downloads
Internet Explorer (5.5+ highly recommended) - http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/
Netscape - http://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/download.jsp
Mozilla - http://www.mozilla.org/

If you use any kind of popup blocker, you should add online-sweepstakes.com to your 'whitelist.' If the little popup window that sets your MySweeps cookies doesn't load, MySweeps won't work.

Reporting Problems
If you run into a problem using MySweeps (ie. they disappear), the easiest way to get help is to do a search for recent MySweeps-related posts to see if the problem is already being discussed somewhere. For me to be able to help, at a minimum I need to know what browser you are using (including the version #), your operating system and exactly what you did leading up to your realization of the problem. The more details you can provide, the easier it will be for me (or anyone else for that matter) to figure out what caused the problem.

MySweeps - The Future
I'm in the middle of a major overhaul of the site right now. Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be gradually 'working in' all the changes- starting with MySweeps within the next couple of days. These changes I'm making are important for a number of reasons, the most important of which are the site will be easier to maintain, easier to use, more reliable and more secure. Instead of being limited by the various peculiarities of the mixture of software this site currently uses, I'll be able to customize things almost anyway I want.

BTW, this overhaul is a precursor to the upcoming paid-membership feature.

I'll keep this post 'stuck' here for future reference. As changes to MySweeps are made, I'll update this post. Please reply to the thread "MySweeps in a Nutshell - Discussion" to post comments or ask questions.


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I have a question....
What happens to the sweeps that you save in "mysweeps" when the sweep itself expires???

Will it disappear automatically?? Or is there a way that I can do house cleaning and delete expired ones from my list or sweeps that I no longer want to participate in???

Thanks for your help.....

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Yes, it goes away. Less work for us.
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rgdahl is right - when you log on do a new backup of sweeps and that will reduce your number and all those other ones are long gone!!
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Thanks for the help
I appreciate it....

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