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Who oversees these forums?
Our Webmaster and host, Brent, has provided these forums for us. He upgrades and maintains them in great working order and adds features as time permits. He puts in countless hours to make the forums and the site the best it can be!

While he is often busy with things "behind the scenes" he has designated/selected members to help him with the day to day operations of the site as well. Just who are these people and what do they do?

Moderator : A moderator is a member that oversees the operations of the forum board, as well as the main site and the listings for the webmaster. They have the ability to delete/move/edit posts as well as the responsibility to maintain the threads as on topic as possible. They have the authority to ban members that do not post respectfully, spam the boards or post something detrimental to the community as a whole. Along with other duties, the moderators are here to assure that each member is treated with respect and that the boards remain "clean". If you are experiencing a problem with the forums you can bring that to a moderators attention by posting your problem in the Online-Sweepstakes forum. If you are experiencing a problem with another member or a members post, please bring that to a moderators attention privately or by using the "report this post" link at the bottom of the offending post. They are the eyes and ears of the webmaster. Please treat our moderators with respect.

Editor : Editors are members that have been selected to edit the listings on the main page. They can make corrections to the listings when requested. Editors check and validate all the listings, edit the prize descriptions and add details to the listings. Please treat our editors with respect too.
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