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Experience with MS Edge?
My Microsoft IE 8.1 browser keeps telling me to download their Edge.
Any experience with this?
Pros & Cons?
Is there a cost? Couldn't tell.
If so, how much?
Thanks your advice!
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I have edge with my Windows 10 on my laptop. hate it. I avoid it.
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I have never used Edge. I use Firefox. It states that it's a free download for Edge, so I don't think there is any cost. There are a few articles about the new and improved version of Edge that you can read if you search.

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It's terrible...don't bother
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I use it all the time. No problems with it at all.

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IE is outdated and is barely being supported. Edge is free and is the solution now being pushed by Microsoft on Windows, although there are clearly other alternatives. I personally use both Edge and Chrome, depending upon the web page (some work better on one or the other).

From the Microsoft website: "Support ended 1/12/16 for Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and older. Security updates, compatibility fixes, and technical support continues for IE 11 on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10."
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Better than IE.I prefer Chrome and Firefox.
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Microsoft Edge
Have used as it came out Chrome and Firefox TOO slow
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