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How long do you sweep each day?
I first check the expiring sweeps for any I've missed, then look at the new sweeps for dailies to add and 1x's to enter, then move on to my dailies (about 120) 10-20 24 hours sweeps. Takes 2-3 hours if I can manage to get through it all. I think I may have to break down and dump some of the less interesting dailies.
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2 - 3 hours for me too. If I am in a sweeping mood I sweep straight for 2 - 3 hours. If I am in a "I don't really feel like doing this tonight" I get distracted with the forums, my email, gaming sites, etc.

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My Routine when I get to work

First - Dailies - about 60 - 20 min.
Then - Sweeps from the previous day I missed - ~ 10 min.
Then - Instant win sweeps - ~ 10 min.
Work a while, If I'm motivated, until lunch
Finish instants if need
Check new sweeps occasionally until time to go home.

1 - 2 hours on the weekend days in the morning while my wife sleeps, I'm an early riser.

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a couple hours here...depending
I usually spend 2 hours a day too depending on how I'm feeling and how early I get up to do them...once the kids are up forget it!

I look for snails on Sunday & Monday and it takes a little more time with them, I get a whole bunch and do them all at the same time...so Sunday I probably spend 3 hours overall and Monday 3 hours overall too.
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Bare basics (usually dailies, 24 hour, unlimited or sometimes the weekly or monthly ones of course too) take me about 45 minutes. I usually spend about another half an hour to hour to looking around at new ones, expiring ones, etc.
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an hour here and an hour there, a couple hours after kids go to bed

i would say about 3-5 hours through out the course of the day
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I do the new sweeps first, then check that day's expiring sweeps to see if I missed any on the first go-round. That can take 10-30 minutes depending on how many new ones.
I then hit the instant wins (about 10) and then the dailies - that takes the longest. Then I'll hit the freebie forum to see if there's anything interesting there. So altogether, about 1 - 1 1/2 hours daily.
My husband gives me grief about the time "Just think if you spent that time doing something *constructive*". I'm hoping to win something big sometime to shut him up My kids like to see what I'm sweeping for, especially if it's kid-gear.

'03 Wins: $100 Target GC; Insight T-Shirt; ACT II Popcorn; Tombstone Boxer Shorts and free pizza; Vans Warped Tour CD Sampler; 2 Free Movie Tickets from Chef Boyardee; Pringles LOTR:TT Movie; Autographed Ronnie Lott framed print; Logitech Juggling Ball Set
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I spend anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Once in awhile I am busy and don't enter at all.

It depends on what else I have going and my mood.
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Usually about 1.5 hours (around 234 sweeps) in the morning. Now that I'm trying to win something from coke, I have to double that, to around 3 hours.
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Cool 2-3 hours..
or more if I am doing monthlies and weeklies.
ALWAYS find time to enter instants and new sweeps, though...no matter HOW crazy the day is

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About 45 minutes on dailies, then check for new sweeps.
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