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Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweeps
Do these ever end? D:

Gettin' a little tired of entering them constantly. But apparently if I stop entering for even one day, I'm out?
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Just my opinion
I find it easier to just send them an occasional postcard (see the official rules). Their online entry forms are ridiculous and I'd rather spend the 28 cents than waste my time wading through endless pages of
BTW, I've been one of their 'best customers' for over thirty years and still haven't won.
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Same here - and I don't know anyone who ever did win

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Pain in the butt they are!

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yes they are they seem more interested in getting you to order something than entering the sweep

Every entry is a potential Winner -
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I stopped entering those a couple of years ago. It's too time consuming and irritating to wade through all the pages for online entry. A long time ago, I used to enter by mail when I would recieve a letter from them. I've never won a thing from either method.

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Somehow I am always signed into Blingo which is PC and I assume the same sweeps that your are referring to? I think that their sweeps campaign can be entered from Blingo or through
the posting on OLS? (I have never check out to see if the # campaign is the same though)

So I just do the one required search a day on Blingo to get my daily entry in.
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I do win a dollar here, $5 there from PCH say and win (twitter) and there have been bigger winners through OLS (i.e. $2500). No luck so far with PCH search and win, although it is easy enough to enter.

I give up on anything else PCH. I am bombarded with spam and they take way too long to enter.

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I won years ago on the search and win.. nothing else ever from them!

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One of the people I worked with in WA was a lesser winner, but still got a visit from the prize patrol right there at the hospital. Everybody present that day got a little something for being in the commercial. Not me, however, I wasn't there and didn't work in the operating room.

A number of years ago, my mom's neighbors won a big check from Readers Digest.

It can happen...but remember the vast numbers of people that are in these.

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