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Wheel of Fortune SPIN ID clarification
Ok, so tell me if I'm understanding this sweep correctly.

So, you sign up on their site, and you get a SPIN ID number.

You watch the show (I Guess) to see if your number shows up.

Then they contact you if you won.

Is that it? Is there anything else?
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They don't contact you if you win. If they draw your number, you have to contact them by their website within 24hours.

I imagine most people don't win because how many people really check the website daily to see if their number comes up?

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Yeah you have to check the site daily to "verify your Spin ID" to see if you won. There is also an ongoing post here where our super nice OLS members (Sunshine3331 I'm talking bout you!) list the SPIN ID and other ways to earn points for the daily drawings.


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Heh, oops I forgot my number Better go retrieve it right quick and see how many prizes I've missed
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The bit of "Wheel of Fortune" I caught this evening, while waiting for the Jazz/Lakers game, has a puzzle prize package trip to one of the "sainted" Caribbean Islands (Virgin Islands?), and when they mentioned the ID# and the name of the person they also mentioned the usual "if you have an active Sony card you also win $50,000"; I usually don't catch this program, so I didn't know they mentioned a name, too, besides the Spin ID#...
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