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Sibling visitation rights?
I will call an attorney on Monday but wondering...

Does anyone have any experience with getting visitation rights for one minor child to see their minor sibling?
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never heard of such a thing, as sibling rights, to see another sibling.

When my little sister was put inot foster care at 15 years of age, even though myself, and my other 2 sisters were adults, and had nothing to do with my parents we were not allowed ot have any contact with her, or even know where she was. I even contacted her social worker directly, and was told we were not allowed to have any contact (I didn't evne live in the same state as she and my parents, and I wasn't evne allowed to have her phone number).

I didn't even hear from my sister again until she was 19.....And there was nothing we could do about it.

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I don't think there are any specific rights, as written in the law books, but I know it can be done. My niece died leaving two young girls, one lives with my sister the other with her father's parents. My sister has visitation set up for girls, phone calls every Wednesday evening and set days in the summer and for the holidays.

We are lucky because the other grandparents will allow the one sister to come stay at their house for days, allowing the two sisters to bond.

So while I don't think there are any laws, I do think judges look at the situation and can allow visitation.

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