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Publishers Clearing House Phone Call
Weird call today on my cell. I am one of the "top five finalist in Kentucky" for the
Million Dollar PCH Sweepstakes. I was "sponsored" by one of my credit cards. He's been trying to reach me for a week(I don't answer my home phone unless I know who it is on caller ID) He said I would be getting my packet in the mail in three business days. He went on & on about the 7 magazines he picked out for me and then proceeds to tell me it's only $4.95 a week!!! I said no way, I will not pay for any magazines and I do not want any magazines. He agreed and said I'm still in the "drawing" for one million dollars and to expect my packet soon! Yeah, right!!!
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As I think you already have figured out it's not a win. It is a lame-o way to sell mags without saying they are selling. It's a 'courtesy call' or in this case a 'win' call.

I hate those !

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I received those calls for almost a year. They make it seem like you are in the drawing for something because you used your credit card.

Do not give your info out! These are phony calls. They hire a call center to make calls and try to get you to purchase based on the fact you think you are in the running for a big prize! There is no big prize!

There was a whole program on this scam last year. Ironically I started to get the calls right after it aired.
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It makes me wonder how they got my address and cell phone number.
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I don't believe the call is from Publisher's Clearing House at all; rather it's one of those phoney baloney magazine places. Turn them in to your state's department of consumer protection.

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Just think how many poor people will fall for this and buy those magazines. You know they are calling thousands--not just the top five in the running! What an awful scam. I just toss anything that comes in the mail from PCH and never enter anything with their name on it on line. DH's aunt used to get so many in the mail and get me to fill all of them out for her which was a big pain. Of course, she never won anything.
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I thought Publisher's Clearinghouse had stopped all the shady tactics. Too bad they're still scamming people.

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