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Thumbs down Watch for extra charges on your ph bill!
I just wanted to warn everyone to watch their phone bills for new charges...
I can't figure out where these companies are getting my name & ph# but they claim I authorized to join their useless services and bill me through my phone company.

Residential Email I canceled last week after missing their charges for at least 2 months (I pay my phone bill online and rarely look at the paper bill...)

& now got an email from Advance Benefits... We are delighted that you have selected Voice Mail Services from Advance Benefits. The monthly charge of $19.95 will appear on your local telephone bill on the ESBI Bill page as being billed on behalf of Advance Benefits.

Your service is available effective within three days.

All of these services for the low monthly charge of $19.95 per month.

If you ever need to contact customer service or wish to cancel your service at any time, you may call our Customer Care Department toll free at 1-866-866-2382

Has anyone else caught these charges? Do you know what site they are coming from???????
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ILD Teleservices VoiceMail Direct Billing
I was shocked to see an extra $31.55 charge on my AT&T bill when I opened it up this week.

It was billed by ILD Teleservices, LLC for Voicemail Direct USA, LLC

There were 2 months of charges at $14.95 per month plus taxes. Apparently, the timing made both charges appear on the same bill.

I called AT&T as the starting point and the customer service rep was very helpful. She immediately pended the amount so it wouldn't be deducted from my bank account (I have automatic payment from my bank account every month).

Next, she called ILD Teleservices and we both talked to that rep. They are putting a block on any further charges from Voicemail Direct USA, LLC.

Then, the AT&T rep called Voicemail Direct and I needed to speak with that rep as well. They are canceling the charges and will credit back what was charged, but it can take up to 2 billing cycles.

The AT&T rep stayed on the line with me and said that if it shows up again on my bill next month to call back to pend that amount again.

I asked the Voicemail Direct rep what website I had visited that put these charges on my phone bill and she said that it was smileymedia.com. Does anyone know which sweeps could have possibly triggered this?

Later on, I checked exceptions to my cookies and found that I had allowed cookies from www directmailusa com somewhere along the way , so I removed that access! There weren't any exceptions for smileymedia, however.
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I'd be taking myself to BBB online and filing a formal complaint against SmileyMedia


THIS, from Google:

Smiley MediaSmiley Media generates thousands of real-time, responsive sales leads every day. Our unparalleled optimization technology matches every ad in our system to ...
www.smileymedia.com/ - 9k - Cached - Similar pages
View our Coreg Path Demo New Partner
More results from smileymedia.com
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My sister got this email.
Anyone know if this is the same thing and is the only way to cancel it through the phone company?

Thank you for ordering your New ENHANCED LONG DISTANCE Service when you opted to order our services when you registered on the WWW.MYPRIZELOTTO.COM website. We are pleased to confirm our receipt of your order and will be processing your new unlimited long distance service and Coupons worth up to $1,000 in Grocery Savings within the next two business days.

Watch for your service activation email in the coming days for complete details including, but not limited to, complete operating instructions and the toll-free 800 access number.

Once activated, your unlimited long distance service will be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. If you did not wish to order this service, and want to forgo the Coupons worth up to $1,000 in Grocery Savings, simply go to http://www.enhancedlongdistance.com/.../cancellations and cancel your account immediately. No charges will be processed against your account, and your service will be immediately terminated.

Once again, thank you for choosing ENHANCED LONG DISTANCE.

Activations Department
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Thumbs down
I had a small charge added to my phone bill last month. Called CS at local phone company and had it removed. The rep also gave me a number to call and cancel the service. The young lady there (spanish accent) said another bill would come through next month due to timing. Told her it didn't matter as the provider is to refuse all charges from them unless I put it in writing. Not sure what the service was for but feel it is sweeps related (ie check box).
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I also got charged for voicemail by EBSI on my Verizon bill! Like Tawnda, I pay my bill online and rarely look at the paperbill, but apparently they have been charging me an extra $13.89 a month for the "service" the last 3 months. I called Verizon, who credited my account, but told me I need to call EBSI and cancel the service. Reading the fine print on my phone bill, EBSI is a "clearing house agent for First Rate Voice Svc." I called EBSI and told them I wanted to cancel service, I had been "crammed", extras added to a bill, which are not initiated or authorized by the customer. The rep at EBSI told me we were signed up after visiting usprizedraw.com and he had my husband's name as the one on the website. My husband rarely enters sweeps so I am pretty sure I signed him up for something unknowingly. I hesitate to go back to the website and have them record my IP address, but this is baloney! When I asked what state they were in to file a complaint, the rep gave me a P.O. Box address in Palm Harbor, FL.

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same thing happened to me this month on my phone bill so thought I would post so others could see this and check. They also told me I signed up at us prize draw? never even heard of that one and I am quite sure I didnt sign up for anything.

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I pay $10 a year to have all outside things blocked from being added to me phone or changed by outside parties.

That is really annoying they can so easily do that to people

I am not Rocky . I am ~JEWEL~
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Originally Posted by RockysJewel View Post
I pay $10 a year to have all outside things blocked from being added to me phone or changed by outside parties.

That is really annoying they can so easily do that to people
How do you do this?

R.I.P. Tony 1982-1992 Remembered and loved forever!
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Angry Unauthorized phone charges

I am not good at blogging but I thought maybe I should give a "heads up" to Online members. My phone company alerted me to an unauthorized $8.23 monthly charge that has been added to my phone bill. It is listed under misc. charges on my bill and was put there by INFOBILLING.COM. I received no notice of any kind from them. The following is what I found when I followed up on their internet link. It had to have come from one of the sweepstakes that I entered, around Nov., I think, as it has been charging me since Nov.
I am sure it came from one of the sweepstakes because they have the name and e-mail address that I always use for sweeping. I am not getting any kind of service from them, just this charge. This is what I found under their company name "My Service n' Support":

"With MyTeleServices toll-free Voice Message Service, you can check your messages from anywhere in the United States. Your friends and family will be able to leave you messages using your own toll-free number. MyTeleServices Voice Message Services can also send reminder calls and wake-up calls from anywhere in the continental USA. No credit check or long-term contract is required and you can cancel at any time by calling toll-free 1-800-679-7386"

Just thought someone should know as they could make a lot of money by inadvertantly charging a lot of us this amount every month for nothing. Thank heavens my phone company alerted me to it. They also offered to put a block on my account against any
future outside charges unless authorized by me..

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We jsut called our phone company Embarq and asked to have it done.

Originally Posted by mrbike View Post
How do you do this?
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