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post comment / Facebook
I was wondering why we suddenly have so many post comment / Facebook? To me they are more like a blog.....
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Low hanging fruit?
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So glad you said that -
I had been thinking about posting about the same thing for the last few days! Really, what happened to simple entry? Post comment/Facebook usually means: Like us; Follow us; Use the following phrases; Tag a friend (or three); Tell us why you deserve this prize/How you would use this prize/Who was a great influence in your life/Something that makes you happy!
It makes signing up for seven newsletters in one go seem like the better alternative!
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I just skip 'em. Maybe we should try to find out if anybody is actually entering them?

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They are not blogs so they are not listed as such. There is not a way to filter out Facebook or Instagram sweepstakes. Only thing you can do is skip over them. I guess you could always complain to the companies and let them know you dislike them having Facebook and Instagram sweepstakes. Like with any other contest, just skip over if it you do not want to enter.
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