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U2 tickets at the Apollo Theater
This happened over the summer but I had won U2 tickets to see them at the Apollo Theater on 6/11/18. I won the tickets through Sirius/XM so I can confirm people actually do win those contests! The best part of the night was that all booze was complimentary. Beer, wine and I think liquor as well.

As for the show itself, I'm not a big U2 fan but it was cool to see them in a small venue. Unfortunately I had gotten sick (not from drinking) and had to leave before the last song although it was funny because I was waiting with my wife for our car next to Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly outside.
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Cool! Congratulations!
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Sorry you were sick!
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What a cool win!

I've entered for Sirius/XM sweeps before and always was curious how the experiences were! CONGRATS!

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OMG I would have LOVED to see them in concert. Tickets for headliners like these are so expensive, and rarely come close to where I live. Maybe one day I will win! Congrats to you and sorry you got sick!

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Wow! What an experience!
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Nice win. Sorry you got sick.
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Nice tickets...congrats!

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apollo, sirius

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