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Exclamation The dangers of Lasik eye surgery
My brother recently got a detached retina after Lasik surgery. Just want to let people know that Lasik eye surgery, to correct nearsightedness, is far more risky than they advertise. The links below have more information and hundreds of testimonials of people who got a detached retina after Lasik. So why take the chance? Why have a surgery that is completely optional? Lasik does not correct nearsightedness any better than eye glasses or contact lenses.



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I read about this earlier today. I remember in the 90's my boss had really bad eyes and was all excited about it. I don't remember if he ever got it though.

Also, for some reason the guys who write South Park used to mention it sometimes in their cartoons, and would be totally against it.

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I've always been against it. I don't know of anyone who suffered a detached retina, but I have known people who wound up with other problems from it. I am fine wearing my daily Accuvue lenses and if there ever comes a day that I can't wear contacts for some reason, I will go back to glasses.

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a friend of mine had it and now that are cataracts are getting worse, because of that surgery her cataract removal will be very expensive and a lot of it not covered by insurance
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Here's more information:


I just had a laser procedure to repair a torn retina which was successful and needed, but I would never do elective surgery on my eyes.
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I had LASIK over ten years ago on one eye (I didn't need it on my other eye) and it was one of the BEST things I have ever done. I have loved not having to worry about contacts, especially when I travel. Like with any medical procedure, do your research both on the operation and on the medical professional you are considering, and decide if the potential gains outweigh the risks.

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It is told to people as a risk and that happens because people do not follow the instructions after surgery. You rub your eye after surgery and you will detach the retina. People use shampoo, make-up and face soap after surgery and always end up with issue too. Please read the pre op and post op info. before having any surgery and you are far more likely to have a successful result. 9 Times out of 10 it is the patients negligence not the doctor's. Hubby & I both had it over 10 years ago and perfect vision to this day (followed all instructions to the t).

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I did PRK. Long recovery and very painful for some but far fewer complications than LASIK. No flap to have issues with either. After two years the ophthalmologist couldn't even tell I ever had it done. I also had it done by the US Air Force's cornea surgeon and he refused all but the very good candidates for the surgery.

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My husband had Lasik quite a while ago . He could not wear contacts as they didn't have enough correction for him and his glasses were getting thicker and heavier every year. They caused pain where the glasses sat on his nose. His Lasik went well and he had no complications. He is very glad he did it. He was practically blind without his glasses and he sees very well now. All surgeries can have complications or bad outcomes and the more people that have Lasik the more complications will be seen. It works well for some but obviously it isn't for everyone.
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I had cataract surgery several years ago at the relatively young age of 52/ Both eyes. Docs told me I would be at increased risk for several conditions, included detached retina and I spent New Years having emergency surgery for a detached retina. It was rough, the vision in that eye is very distorted, the brain tries really hard to "blend" my eyes but not always successful. My cataract surgery was not optional, I cannot imagine anyone messing around with optional eye anything (especially as even if yiou have lasik at some point you will need correctives lenses anyhow)

So now that I have had retina reattachemt surgery I am at even greater risk, and a more serious immediate detachment.

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With my eyes, one has issues with not closing fully which is due to facial palsy from birth. Recently, my eye dr. offered an elective surgery, putting a weight bearing in my eyelid to close it better. I almost went through with it then backed out in the last minute. I'm too scared to have any kind of optional surgery done with my eyes. I love being able to see. The risks aren't worth it too me.
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I manage a optical doctors office and I personally would not have lasik. Many people do with out any problems but with any type of surgery, there is always a risk.

If you do decide to get it make sure to go to a reputable doctor to perform it.

I hear all the adds on the radio for inexpensive lasik. Stay away from those. Those are chop shops and the risk for complications is greater.

The most common risks with lasik is the halo effect, extreme dry eye and infection.

Lasik is not permanent. On average it lasts about 7 to 10 years. Sooner or later you will need a prescription. It probably won't be as bad as it was before but it will happen sooner or later.

I have one set of eyes. I don't want to risk it. I will stick to contacts and glasses.

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Very glad I got lasik
Had terrible eyesight. I found a very reputable surgeon who explained all the possible complications twice and had me read and sign about the risks. I followed the post op to the letter... no complications for me. Now in my 50s and wear reading glasses, which I was told would happen. Sure beats the thick glasses I had before.

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Originally Posted by triple*eee View Post
Lasik is not permanent. On average it lasts about 7 to 10 years. Sooner or later you will need a prescription. [/url]
Great post, other than this mostly untrue comment. Medical research shows it is permanent for the vast majority. Of course LASIK doesn't stop the need for reading glasses.

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