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thanks for the good advice. Citrus sounds good, but I just don't have room for them in the winter. I have 3 tropical trees in my bay window which is southern exposure. If one of them ever dies, I could replace it with a blood orange, since you say they will bloom and bear fruit in a pot.
Not holding my breath, though. They are 18+ years old and thriving. They'll probably all outlive me. lol.

I had 4 o'clocks in front of the window for 10 years, and my son had to mow for us because we're not well enough to do it this year. He mowed them down! They were just coming up so I guess no flowers this year. I'll figure out which of your suggestions will like that spot the best, with "casual care" .
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My lettuce is finished now that warm weather is here. I cut lots and lots of it, then pulled the plants out. My peas under-performed as usual...I just don't have great luck growing peas. My brussels sprouts never gave me sprouts, but that's ok since I ate the leaves, which were really good sauteed in olive oil. The kale is producing like crazy, and the swiss chard is starting to really spread out. My cukes are on overdrive, but I'm hoping that the cucumber beetles don't devastate them as they have done every year in the past (I'm trying "Safer Soap"...wish me luck). The tomatoes are spreading out, and I even have a few baby green ones on the vine.

What's coming in on everyone's garden? I love reading these posts and getting some tips.
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On the fruit side of my postage-stamp yard, I have lots of red currants ready to be picked. My two fig trees were really late coming out of dormancy, so I don't know if I'll have any figs (I'm in zone 6, but I planted "Chicago Hardy" so I hope they produce some day). My dwarf pear tree and cherry tree still need a year or two to produce fruit, but they look healthy. I planted a "Persian mulberry" last year and had a few berries, but it didn't come out of dormancy until late May, so I'm not sure I'll get much. Rhubarb has produced one pie, hoping to get another. I have new blueberry plants, so it will be at least a year for those.

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Originally Posted by caseycupcake View Post
The backyard landscaping is mostly under control now. Still a little rough in spots. It's a constant battle with the invasives: wild grape, Virginia creeper, birch and mulberry growing on either side and through our neighbors chain link fence. Mall tree stumps and other gnarly stump intertwined with the fence. The corner of the lot was especially crazy. Hubby really went at it just before spring and tore out the honeysuckle, birch tree and a straggly one branch forsythia. In its wake he transplanted a dappled willow and left standing the "attack bush" (a giant barberry) and what we call "that pink thing"

Well, the pink thing is really happy this spring. Not sure exactly what it is, other than 12 feet tall. It has been there 50+ years. Any ideas?
To me, it looks like Weigela.

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