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form filler kindle fire HD ?
i need to figure out how to fill forms out on my Kindle HD... i tried to install Roboform without success.. my last kindle filled forms for me but i don't know how i accomplished that???


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I actually don't have anything to fill forms on my Kindle Fire so this got me thinking.

I did a search and found an old post from 2015

I also found this

I went into the Silk browser, settings at the top there is something that says Autofill and payments.

I clicked on that and autofill was on for me. The next option was Addresses. I filled out my address and clicked Done.

So now I need to find a site that has a form to fill out. That would be the easiest. I guess the other option is download an app from the app store to do it.

Ok...just tested it and it works.

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