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What's a Good Site to Look Up a Phone Number
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white pages has a free reverse number look up
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I'd like to know that too, every time I try to use one it wants to run a background check and charge me for stuff I don't want.

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https://www.usphonebook.com/ - has a LOT of information.
Put in phone # or name.

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How about the phone # that came up for me a few days ago .. 000-000-0000 ??

I'm pretty sure it was spam... I never answered.

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Like 1-800 notes for consumer complaints...

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used to be able to just google it....... but then the sites come up for charged searches nothing seems to be free anymore

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Hiya I have Hiya on my smart phone. I check numbers periodically with it.
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I have better results just googling the name or number. I don't want to pay extra for the info either.

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