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Wowsers what an incredible win
Big congrats to you
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Love Seth and that show is hilarious. Nice win.
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What a fantastic life changing win.


Happy spending.

If "SORRY!"s were dollars, how rich I would be.
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Awesome win....awesome experience. Congrats!
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this is why I do this!
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Wow! So jealous!!! I wanted to win that one.

My 2017 Wins
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WOWWWWWW! Congrats to youuuuuuuuuu! Gives me hope and then some.
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That's Amazing!!
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Sounds like a dream come true - congrats!
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He shoots, he scores! Awesome. Good to know we can still get big wins!

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Thank You All
Thanks for all the congrats. I usually don't post wins but I wanted to post this one in order to encourage my fellow peeps not to give up. I've been through a long long dry spell so this came at just the right time. I was really paranoid about the money and I wasn't fully convinced until the check cleared. LOL. Well. The first thing I purchased was a new computer. Nothing over the top or pricey. Just something that was faster and with a bigger screen. So I waited until Best Buy had a sale and bought this one:

They knocked 70 dollars off the sticker price and I had 2 Best Buy gift cards that I had won a couple of yeas back. So it brought the price down to 400 dollars. It's got a 24" screen and it's super fast. It's a joy to operate. The Internet is actually fun again.

The rest of the money is going into a rainy day fund. For an emergency,

thanks once again.


My dog's name is Mr. Hot Shot. He likes to ride in the car and loves getting his ears scratched and belly rubbed.
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