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Small wins on the instants and one time, sometimes a daily, but I haven't won anything big in a very long time, the good contests just aren't there to enter any longer. No tv's, game systems, games, computers, I pads, cameras, use to be full of those contests for those items, not any longer.
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  Old  July 17th, 2017, 7:21am     #17
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My best wins use to come from daily entry sweepstakes. These days though they come from blogs. Oh how things have changed through the years. If your not open to the change you get left behind with fewer and fewer wins. Good luck everyone!!

My 2017 Wins
My 2018 Wins
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So far this year text and instant win have yielded us 2 HOF wins.

“Luck is believing you're lucky.” - Tennessee Williams
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I've won quite a bit over the years, although not as much lately (although my entering amount has dropped a bit as well). I can't recall winning any 1x entries. If I have, it was probably something with many prizes. I usually win dailies where I've not necessarily entered every day, but many times.
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highest value prize 12K from an online but my best prizes and most prizes from mailed in entries

My Wins from 2018 and Back!
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