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Best sweeps win ever!
In January, I received a Safety 1st Elite 80+ 3-in-1 Car Seat that I had won in a blog giveaway. I was happy to get it because my grandson was about to outgrow his infant seat. Today, my daughter had a wreck and rolled her SUV at least twice. It is definitely totaled. Thanks to the Safety 1st car seat, my grandson didn't have a scratch on him. He was kept so safe and protected that he didn't even cry!

My daughter is okay too. She's pretty bruised up and sore but thankful things weren't worse.

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Great news and a great win!!
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great news ! glad e1 is ok
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WOW that is so scary!! So glad that everyone is okay!
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Now that is what i can a win.Glad everyone is ok

What if the hokey pokey is what its all about?
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Evidence that God is good and that sweeping can save lives. I'm very happy that your family members are safe.
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♫ Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul...♫

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WOW, no doubt you won that for this very reason. Glad to know they are both okay.

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
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  Old  April 2nd, 2014, 2:20am     #9
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glad it wasn't worse
You are right - that is the best win ever
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Wow, glad they're okay.

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Your daughter must have been scared out of her mind for the baby and then to turn around and see him safe, what a gift. Glad they are both OK.

If "SORRY!"s were dollars, how rich I would be.
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Wow! I'm glad they are ok.
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Thank God! I love a happy ending!
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You were meant to win the baby seat, congrats that everyone is alright.
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