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Acme Monopoly Game
Does anyone out there play the Acme Monopoly game?
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I usually play every year, I never win anything - its a whole lota almost LOL
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ACME Monopoly
Im playing and have a bunch of double game tickets. I am in need of some as well. If anyone is willing to trade Im game.
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somehow I just knew that this thread would bring about newbies/strangers wanting to wheel and deal

As in the past....I strongly caution anyone against doing so (wheel and deal)

My Motherload of Wins
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I work for a sister company that's also hosting the Monopoly game. Make sure to enter the 12 digit codes that come on the game pieces because it's an extra chance at an instant win online.

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Yes im playing but I rarely go to acme because its not the closest grocery store to me so I probably won't win anything.
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I'm assuming this is the same Monopoly thing that just started at my local grocery store (Tops), is that accurate? I heard about it but decided not to enter since I live near the greatest grocery store in the world (Wegmans) so I can't bring myself to go to Tops even for sweeps.
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can someone please tell me where the codes are located ?

Sandy ( newbie)
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