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Had the other interview,Do not know if I will get it but if offered I may have to turn it down,it pays $8.00 hr,I asked how long the project ended and did not really get an answer or maybe I did because i had trouble understanding what the guy was saying lol
The PT job I accepted pays $10 hour with a pay raise to $11 after 90 days with maybe a chance to get FT in the future.
So if offered the job I would only accept if I can get PT if not I will keep looking for another PT job.
I am excited about this new job,I can't wait until Monday and orientation,I am ready to get to work

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Congrats on your good news!!

Sending you positive job vibes and hope this turns into full time!!

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Congrats and fingers crossed that it all works out great for you!
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Fantastic. I've been looking since November and would gladly take part time, especially with a chance to work from home which saves money. Congratulations

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i will miss here at the bottom of the hole
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