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Publishers Clearing House Win?
I have been playing Publishers Clearing House for years now and the way things look with the odds I have a better chance of becoming Prime Minister of England and I'm not even a citizen over there, lol but as long as it is still free to play, I'll keep playing because there will come a time when God will bring forth a blessing in His time! Wishing you all the best! God Bless!
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I have a friend who won $25,000.00 from PCH. They came to her door with flowers, balloons, a big check and everything. I know I sound like a commercial for them when I say "People really do win!" but they do.

I know for my part I will keep entering when I get the envelopes in the mail. Only takes a few minutes and it sure would be nice to win

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That is nice to hear. I stopped entering years ago.
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