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Publisher winner announced on nov 30
who will it be hopefully me but if not gl to all the rest of you olsers that would be an amazing story to tell

please vote for me to win my dream wedding from ben bridge search Kristen.mcclary@yahoo.com thank so much
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pch winner
Do you think they will give away the 5,000 a week for life and a million dollars????????? I wish that I could win. I would help a lot of people that I know.
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I want to be notified of some sort of win! Anything please!!!! LOL I will be happy with any win at all!

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Congrats Leroy Faulk Sr.

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if you didnt get a notification of a smaller prize from them you arent included in the draw..thats how one explained it.. she got like $1000 notice in fedex with the possibility of 10 million ..was a one in 2000 chance or something.. they have you fill out affy and make sure your not a criminal and such..

<a href='http://www.moolpit.com//?vcode=6A75E138616049C' target='_blank'><img src='http://www.moolpit.com//embed/200x200.png' border='0'></a>
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