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Originally Posted by kathy55439 View Post
do we really need a Lowes across the street from every Home Depo.... seems they would do better going into areas where the other one was not near by or at least across town
That depends on which one draws the most customers. Walmart and Target do this too. In my town, Walmart seems to be winning. It is convenient for customers, at least.
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How sad
My husband loves Home Depot but last time I had a major shopping experience where we replaced appliances, I had no luck anywhere but Lowes...We were replacing fridge, dishwasher and microwave and I dont like stainless so was needing white...I went to Fry's, Best Buy, Sears, Costco, Home Depot and could not find the three items I needed in white for the price I could afford...went to Lowes, the price wasnot only lower than the other places we had been, the items were in stock and they were so helpful and nice that we had them that sad to hear of the store closures
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I think the title of your thread is irresponsible!
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yes closing one in my area

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Originally Posted by cole70 View Post
Could not be farther from the truth. I do work for Lowes Corporate and they are closing stores that are doing poorly but IN NO WAY are they going out of business!!!!!!!!

Do your homework before spreading lies! This type of BS can do serious damage -especially when its unsubstantiated!

Thanks for your post -- you make an important point.

However, a lot of people prefer to spread rumors instead of doing a little research.

Sad but true.

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The *three* Lowes in my area are remodeling at a fast pace! Definately *not* closing.

If stores are closing in your area, it's possible the economy will not support it and it makes sense for them to close. That doesn't mean that's whats happening all over, just in *your* little bubble :-) Some Lowes even have food stores aka LowesFood(ours here in Central NJ do not).

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Here are the stores set to be closed:


Los Banos























Old Bridge




N. Kingstown




S. Tacoma


Brown Deer

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Originally Posted by johnpatrick View Post
I think the title of your thread is irresponsible!
I think the title is fine, it has question marks as if asking if they are going out of business. But the last sentence of the post should have been left out.
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Originally Posted by MomofCourtney View Post
If anyone has any gift card wins from Lowe's you may want to use them FAST! Lowe's closed one store unannounced here in NH yesterday. Lot's of suprised laid off employees. Sounds like Lowe's is going under.....
lowes in my town is booming tho....sad to know others arent doing well

I am in Vermont...i see its not on the list lol

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Look people I started the thread with "Lowe's - Going out of Business?" with question marks because I didn't KNOW if the whole chain was going out of business. Geez take a chill pill people - I was asking a question and just giving people a heads up in case they did have gift cards and wanted to use them. I certainly hope people DON'T use the OLS Forums are their only source for daily news. Honestly.......
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My better half works for Lowe's. They are NOT, repeat NOT going out of business. They are closing stores with low profit margins, and opening in a few new markets. Just like every corporate monster does. They go where there is money to be made.

we all have our unlovely moments
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on MSN.they say that they are closing 20 stores.
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Originally Posted by dondevinesr View Post
on MSN.they say that they are closing 20 stores.
Got news story links to this in the thread already.

As for the OPs thread title, I don't have an issue with that but the post body was a bit of a "the sky is falling" kind of post. Anyone that took it as gospel has more issue than this thread's info though IMHO.

As for Lowe's, what a shame that they have a history of not publicizing store closings a little early. Not for the employees so much, they're getting 60-90 days of pay & benefits which is awesome, but for their customers to conclude any business with the store before it closes.

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The sky is falling!!!111!!!111
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Lowe's is offering the employees the opportunity to go to another store if they want but from what I understand they don't just lay them off. We did the same thing Home Depot did last year. They cut their regions and lost some people. Lowes told our people they would have to re apply but who would not have to apply at any job they wanted.

connie coe
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