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I appreciate all the hard work the convention hosts did for the convention. The convention location was great but I was very disappointed with the prizes. Had it not been for the donated prizes and the raffles (which attendees paid for) there would not have been but a very few prizes. Thanks to one of the major contributors - Online-Sweepstakes!! I did win a couple of prizes. Our table kept thinking they were holding back all the major prizes until the banquet, then when that didn't happen, we thought surely they would be given away on Sunday. The games went on forever unless you were one of the few up front. It was like watching laundry dry. The anticipation and excitement just wasn't there for a large percentage of the room.

It was great to get back with friends I had not see in awhile but this was not one of my favorite conventions. I was really expecting something more from Texas - where everything is suppose to be bigger and better. I would have been happy with more prizes and less expensive food and decorations. You can't please everyone but I heard complaints about the lack of prizes (purchased with our registration $$$) at the convention, at dinner, on the way back to the airport, in the airport and on the plane. I think it would be great if we knew the percentages of what the fees were spent on. I am not saying there was any wrong-doing, I don't believe that was the case at all but seeing the percentages might help to understand why the prizes just weren't there.
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